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About us

“This is the bar my friends and I wish we had 20 years ago,” says Cowboy Surfer co-founder and owner Jim Jard, Houston lawyer, businessman and music aficionado. Together with designer and restaurateur Carl Eaves of F.E.E.D. TX Restaurant Group / Eaves Construction and Design Services and Jack Massing, an artist who worked collaboratively with Michael Galbreth as The Art Guys for 37 years, Cowboy Surfer was brought to life. When it opened in November 2020, it was seven years in the making.

Jim grew up in Houston in the 60’s, during which he joined his friends on the Texas coast surfing and kicking around with cowboys. In the 2000’s, his friend Carl had played with the concept of a surfing cowboy for a different project that continued to hold his attention. When Jim, Carl and Jack were connected in 2013, they started a conversation about bars, music, surfing, and the rodeo, which turned into the Cowboy Surfer dream. And here we are.


take a look around at the C.S. Museum filled with fine art and memorabilia! You’ll find work from nationally-known photographers, great artists, and locally known Cowboys and Surfers.